Marauder's Map

The Riddikulusly Difficult Harry Potter Quiz.

What are people saying?

"Amazing! Amazing! This is just like magic!"

- Gilderoy Lockhart


- George Weasley

"Too hard, no fun."

- Rita Skeeter

"Harry snorted."

- J.K. Rowling

Oh, but I see Miss Granger knows the answer...

How do I enable the quiz for Alexa?

Go to the Alexa link and click "Enable Skill".

How do I enable the quiz for Google Home?

Go to the Google Home link, and click "Send to device". Choose your Google Home device.

Are there questions from the movies/Fantastic Beasts/Cursed Child?

As a Potter purist, I tend to focus on very obscure book-only facts, so you movie-only Potterheads might want to brush up a bit on the books.

How does one pronounce "marauder"?

Marauder is pronounced "muh-raw-durr".

Is it really that difficult?

Yes. It's hard. Very hard. You have been warned.

I mean, if you know off the top of your head under which King’s court Nearly Headless Nick served, it might be only moderately difficult...

Is this just going to be like one of those impossible-but-not-really quizzes?

No. I promise that this is really, truly, absolutely mind-boggingly difficult. If you've taken "impossible" Harry Potter quizzes before and got all the answers right, then you're probably in the ballpark for getting at least 4 of the 7 questions correct.