Marauder's Map

The Riddikulusly Difficult Harry Potter Quiz.

What are people saying?

"Amazing! Amazing! This is just like magic!"

- Gilderoy Lockhart


- George Weasley

"Too hard, no fun."

- Rita Skeeter

"Harry snorted."

- J.K. Rowling

Oh, but I see Miss Granger knows the answer...

How do I enable the quiz for Alexa?

Go to the Alexa link and click "Enable Skill".

How do I enable the quiz for Google Home?

Go to the Google Home link, and click "Send to device". Choose your Google Home device.

Are there questions from the movies/Fantastic Beasts/Cursed Child?

As a Potter purist, I tend to focus on very obscure book-only facts, so you movie-only Potterheads might want to brush up a bit on the books.

How does one pronounce "marauder"?

Marauder is pronounced "muh-raw-durr".

Is it really that difficult?

Yes. It's hard. Very hard. Mind-bogglingly hard. You have been warned.

Here's an example question, for reference: Which Chocolate Frog does Ron receive on the Hogwarts Express in the first book?

Is this just going to be like one of those impossible-but-not-really quizzes?

No. I promise that this is really, truly, absolutely mind-bogglingly difficult. If you've taken "impossible" Harry Potter quizzes before and got all the answers right, then you're probably in the ballpark for getting at least 4 of the 7 questions correct.